Monday, 28 March 2011

front page complete

Here is a finished front-page, as you can see I have inserted my advertisements plug and main stories and this phase of production is now complete.

1 comment:

  1. Currently sits at low level 3 (max 15/20)

    You have quite a few posts but it looks like there's been a lack of effort in documenting your progress.

    Needs a general tidy up to make it more impressive
    Ensure all posts are fully explained, with reflection on your progress, what's going well & what's not
    Annotate photos with analysis of planning, framing and mise-en-scene
    make a slideshow you can upload with music from radio advert.
    Upload second page with annotations
    Upload radio advert (when complete)
    Audience Profile is too short - looks like you haven't properly considered
    All by Friday 8th April - no later
    Need to see radio advert research