Sunday, 6 March 2011

adverts designs

Above is the first design I made for an advertisement which I placed at the foot of my front page, I took an image of the Xbox from Google images and then resized it in Photoshop. However after placing the image in the desired place; I realized that it was too large for the space. I took the psd file back to Photoshop and began to resize it.

Now we can see how the image has been resized in dimensions to fit the required space. In the program in design, I measured the length and width of the space I had allocated for the footer advertisement and entered these dimensions into Photoshop. By doing this it gave me a better perspective of how to place my text and images. After resizing I decided that making a change to the font would make the advert standout. I placed an inner glow effect on the most important details of the advert so they would stand out to a reader and be identifiable as important information.

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