Wednesday, 5 January 2011

ideas for Brief

For my A2 Media Studies coursework, I have been asked to produce a two paged newspaper. I will have to create both a front cover and inside page. Because this work is being graded all of the photographic and text. content has to be created by myself.

To establish a firm idea of the various conventions I had to incorporate into my newspaper to make it work, I conducted a bit of research and planning; by looking at some established local papers "The Bromley Times" and "The Metro". whilst doing this I identified a number of paradigms which surfaced repetitively during my research. In all of the papers I looked at I recognized that the main logo was placed in the top left of the page, we read from the left to right so the placement of the logo was fitting. Also both papers followed the five columned layout, however in some cases text was substituted for chunks of advertisements. Whilst conducting my research; I learnt that advertising space had to be sold in order to facilitate the various operations of newspaper producers, as well as eliminating blank spaces.

At the moment i do not know know what genre i want my newspaper to fit into, however i do know who i want to target. I have decided to aim my newspaper towards young adults; roughly between the age of 17 and 21. I have decided to target this market because I'm within this age range. due to this i believe generating the content of the newspaper will flow a lot easier because i have an idea of what my peers would appreciate.

Below are sketches of my Newspaper, at the moment these are just provisional sketches of my website; however over time i except the design and layout of the newspaper to change a little bit