Friday, 18 February 2011

Rivaling in relation to my Newspaper

R- Through my newspaper I'm trying to re-present the youth of Bromley in a positive light, showing the wider public that as a group; 17-22 year old are a group that needs to be heard/ recognized and credited for the positive strides they take to better themselves. I find for most young people, they often finds themselves misunderstood; the way in which I re-present them through my newspaper will help youths identify with their community and their peers.

I- As the institution producing this paper, i have decided to produce a transparent view of the youth of Bromley. I decided to do this because i think it makes the paper edgy and more relevant; rather than a watered down, over filtered take of the youth in the community. This much is clear in the choice of my featured "hard news story". I didn't think that sugar coating the paper would have done me any favours when trying to re-present the youth of the area. The design is relatively conventional, I'm trying to do something different but not to different.on thing i have learnt whilst producing media text for my coursework is that conventions work and successful ones are often associated with a brand, so adopting often used conventions wont hurt.

V- I believe to make this paper successful all i need to do is consistently follow a simple set of values in order for my paper to easily be categorized. Adopting a set of conventions and sticking to them combined with honest and transparent reporting is all i need to get by. well written stories and good quality pictures along with a creative twist should do the job.

A- As mention before my preferred readership is between the ages of 17- 22,to satisfy this age group i have to appeal to them through the appropriate use of language, colors, pictures and style of reporting. I appreciate that i have to take into consideration that what i produce wont appeal to all, however i cant forget that i have to make my product widely accessible so diverse groups of people with individual preferences can still enjoy it.

L- For the language, i want to be able to provide a easily readable style of reporting but remain informative and entertaining. I hope people will take to this style of address because i think it would make the articles read better and present an untainted take on a stories.

I- I want to share my ideology that that youths can make positive contributions to the community that they belong to rather than the often used stereotype that youths are irresponsible individuals.

N- The narrative of the paper is extremely important, i belive for this paper to read smoothly the narrative has to be well coordinated. by doing this the paper has a stream of information taking the readers on a journey, from one story to another there is a link which would take the reader from one articale to another although they would be reading completly different stories the same theme would keep cropping up the positivity amogst youth.

G- The genre of my newspaper will come under the tabloid catorgary, although my stories are of a somewhat serious nature; I class my paper as a tabliod based on the mode of address. I chose to use formal language so I could connect with my readers easily. i decided that writting as it would be said would be the best way to do this.

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