Tuesday, 15 February 2011

3 Stories for my paper

For my three stories i have picked two hard news stories and one soft story.

My front page story will be covering the story of the young man who was kidnapped and violently beaten in the Bromley area.I think this story would appeal to my target audience because Bromley is an area unaccustomed to such crimes. Besides this the man who was kidnapped is within my target market age range so other people within this age range may be interested in the story.

My second story will also be a hard story about the stabbing death of a 24 year old Bromley youth, even though the victim is just outside of my target range i believe this story would still be relevant to my paper.

My third news story will be about a sporting topic. the story i will coverabout young boxer trying to reach the championship of the amateur boxing association, the boxer himself is 22 (within my age target), i believe people within this age group would want to read upcoming sporting figures within their own age group.

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