Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Demographics Profile

My newspaper is called the The Bromley Bite, this name connotes the style of the paper, producing chunks of information in "bites".
The basic profile of the readers of my newspaper would be defined by their; social class economic status and their educational background. The compilation of these things would give me a demographic profile of my likely readers, this way i would have better idea of whom I'm targeting. My core readership would be young males between the ages of (17 and 21) their educational backgrounds would be from college/ sixth form students processing to university and university students. Although this is my core audience this does not mean that other age groups are exempt from reading my newspaper; i believe anyone could see the front cover and want to read it; however the paper is targeted to a specific group.
Being students, their economic status would be from D to E. On the VALS system

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