Thursday, 7 April 2011

Radio Advertisment

Johns ad by JOhn...

Above is a radio advertisement I edited scripted and produced for the purpose of promoting my newspaper. To create the advertisement I used the Mac program Garageband. The program allowed me to lay tracks of sound individually and compile them to make the final product. At first using the program was difficult for me because I had no previous with the software, however after playing around with the buttons I managed to get the hang of it and produced this piece of text.

During my research I established that all of the memorable adverts engaged the audience and rather than placidly putting across a pitch and incorporated movement into the advert. because Im aiming my product at the youth market, I think this style of production wil go down well with the audience.

The contents of my Advertisement: Besides my own vocals, all of the sound and effects used in the advertisement were downloaded from royalty free websites. At first I tried to record all of my effects myself, however I only ended up with lots of background noise and distorted sound. After this hiccup I did some reasearch using the internet and looked for websites where I could download royalty free sound effects and music. I found a website which offered a variety of sound clips and began to take my pick.

After browsing through the content I made some downloads: Street noise
Camera flash sound Gutair tuning sound
Crowd noise
I then went to Garageband and laid the tracks seperatly. I then began to cut and trim my vocal recording so the advert was neat. Now that I had the basic structure of the advert I began to add the other clips of sound and formed my radio ad.

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